About Us


NewMedia Holdings, Inc., is an interactive media company that created and owns a network of “best of breed” web sites based upon the names of countries as well as topics relating to travel, business, sports, finance, entertainment, and enthusiast activities. We offer unique content, supported by our technology, which uses social media to feature our online communities that were created for like-minded users searching for highly relevant and reliable information about the many hundreds of subjects spanning our sites.

Some Datapoints

Our online communities are comprised of many thousands of registered users who have contributed more than a million posts and comments to our sites. In addition, we have created almost 14,000 featured articles and many thousands of pages of original, high quality content written exclusively by our staff and editorial teams. Currently, our handful of sites attract many hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors with approximately 95% of all traffic originating from organic search.

In-House Technologies

Our sites were created and are actively managed with technology and applications that were mostly developed by us. Some of the programs and tools we developed or adapted include, price comparison travel platforms; an administrative, project and content management system; member registration and community systems; online publishing and editorial tools; discussion forums; member support services; local events calendars; photo galleries; streaming video plug-ins; newsletters; and business directories. Some third-party and open source technology has been integrated into our sites to improve their functionality and ease of administration.

Operational Oversight

Content managers, forum moderators, editors, writers, and technical staff have all contributed to the daily operations of our Network. Some of those duties include researching and selecting topics of interest for our featured articles, preparing newsletters, reviewing content submissions, responding to customer support questions, writing original content, and providing server and related technical support for our sites.

NewMedia Holdings, Inc, is privately held and located in Seattle, Washington.