Welcome to NewMedia Holdings

In 1995, NewMedia Holdings, and its predecessor, began pioneering the development of online communities and “Geo-Domains”- names of countries and geographic locations – and other “verticals” relating to travel, business, sports, music and enthusiast activities.  With our in-house teams, we created a host of applications including a suite of publishing, content management, community, membership, server administration tools, and eCommerce platforms.  Our secret sauce was to create and operate vibrant online communities using social media and delivering B2B/B2C services. Our network attracted almost a billion visitors before broadband and social media became household words.

We are more than just great brands and domain names: Each of our sites offers compelling content supported by our own back office tools and more than a dozen of our applications thereby allowing in-house technology, editorial, and customer support teams to optimize and efficiently manage our day to day operations.

Our sites are focused in five general categories: travel, sports, entertainment, business and enthusiast activities.