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We are an online media company that started, created, and owns several digital media sites devoted to travel, entertainment, sports and nature. Our projects have been supported by dozens of pioneers, visionaries, and remarkably talented and inspiring colleagues around the globe.

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Our network offers almost 14,000 featured articles and many thousands of pages of original, high quality content written exclusively by our staff and editorial teams. Currently, our handful of sites attract many hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors with approximately 95% of all traffic originating from organic search.  As part of our localization efforts to reach local audiences and native speakers in emerging online markets, New Media Holdings, Inc. also provides original content in seven languages. Although English is the predominant language, we currently feature localized content in the Afrikaans, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian languages.


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Country Guide to Andes and Galápagos

Your Guide to “Kingdom of the West”

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Resources about the “Land of Lakes”

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Guide to “Europe's Breadbasket”

Hobbies, Entertainment and Finances

Aviation Industry and History of Flight

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Conservation, Education, Species, Bird Care

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Discover enchanting island of Puerto Rico