Welcome to NewMedia Holdings, inc.

NewMedia Holdings, and its predecessor, were founded by Greg Paley in 1995. With a handful of domain names, Greg bootstrapped the company as it began pioneering the development of online communities and “Geo-Domains”- names of countries and geographic locations – and other “verticals” relating to business, sports, music and enthusiast activities.  Under Greg’s leadership, NewMedia grew from a single founder into a combined staff of 50+ with offices and strategic alliances throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa.

With its in-house teams, NewMedia Holdings created a host of applications including a suite of publishing, content management, community, membership, server administration tools, and eCommerce platforms.  The company’s secret sauce was to build vibrant online communities using social media and B2B/B2C services and then systematically drip more than 14,000 pages of high quality articles written by our editorial team into our network until our sites were saturated with original and compelling content.

The company’s unique brands and Geo Domain network attracted almost a billion visitors before social media and broadband became household words.

NewMedia Holdings is based in Seattle, Washington.