Welcome to NewMedia Holdings, inc.

NewMedia Holdings, Inc. and its predecessor was founded and bootstrapped by Greg Paley and in 1999 with a handful of domain names grew an untested business idea into the largest network of online media properties based upon “.Com” Geo Domains and other “verticals” relating to business, sports, music and enthusiast activities.

With its in-house teams, NewMedia Holdings created a suite of publishing, Content Management, community, membership, and eCommerce platforms based upon the L.A.M.P. software solution stack and other technologies. Our secret sauce was to combine >14,000 pages of high quality, original articles written by our editorial team with social media features and B2B and B2C services. Our sites have attracted millions of registered users and generated billions of visitors and pages views.

2015 marks our 16th year of operations and twenty years since Greg registered his first domain name and began operating his first web site. We are based in Seattle, Washington.